Victory for Hands. Fighting bacteria everywhere.

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CuVerro is a beautiful solid surface copper alloy that’s bactericidal- meaning it continuously kills 99% of all bacteria. For often-touched surfaces that’s a victory for hands everywhere.

We were asked to create a brand campaign idea and identity mark to capture the brand benefit and story of this breakthrough solid surface technology. Imagine the impact CuVerro can make in healthcare settings, busy travel and hospitality settings, public transportation areas and beyond.

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Virtually any product in these environments would benefit by being bacteria-free. CuVerro continuously clean products include light switches, door handles, cabinet pulls, free weights and grab bars that you no longer need to be afraid to touch because they are CuVerro clean.

VALENTI developed the brand line and campaign called “Victory for Hands”. It uniquely captures the “freedom” CuVerro delivers in taking away peoples fear of touching things that can ultimately make them sick.


The new brand identity visually delivers the brand essence, demonstrating the freedom to touch surfaces.

Keep your eyes open for CuVerro and Victory for Hands. And contact us if you want us to apply our unique brand development thinking to your needs. Contact CuVerro if you want continuously clean surfaces.

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