Brand Leadership

VALENTI offers a lead team comprised of thought leaders and brand stewards. Our brand philosophy is in mining out the brands core essence and giving it a meaningful voice. We often get into our most lively discussions when it comes to brands and their position and strategy. We know clients appreciate our brand leadership and look forward to discussing.

Big Ideas

VALENTI is about developing bid ideas that makes noise and breaks through the clutter. Generating big brand-relevant ideas that get noticed is what we’re all about. They come from smart thinking and talent, hard work and uncovering key insights. Often, big ideas come from turning challenges into solutions. We have a knack for problem solving and finding new ways to connect with consumers and motivating people to action.

Client Partnership

We have continued relationships with past clients going all the way back to the late 80’s. That is the kind of relationships we build with our clients. We do our best work as marketing PARTNERS to our clients, not marketing suppliers. We treat your business as if it’s our own. We know you’ll like our ideas, and we think you’ll enjoy working with us.

Value in Share of Voice

Our point of difference? Big share of voice. Small share of spend. This describes our unique offering of a team of seasoned, experienced marketing experts working to raise your voice. Yet, as a small firm we work smart, quick, and efficiently. Our core strength is our ability to make noise that’s greater than your share of spend. And because of our experience and reputation, we have a vast network of resources.

Marriage of Strategy/Creative

VALENTI is the melding of strategy and creative, both in talent and our approach to assignments. Often, agencies are comprised of creative talent that is not strategic and strategists who are not creative. Our lead team is void of these silos. Joy and Mike work as a strong idea-oriented team, both of them having strategic discipline combined with powerful creative thinking. This allows for a stronger more efficient process and end product.

Character and Trust

We’ve been around the block a few times. Our lead team has serviced a range of clients. We’ve been players in varying agencies of different sizes, both on the client and agency sides, and have worked on great pieces of business – and not so great. In servicing clients, it’s critical to build a good rapport and trust. We are void of politics and layers in our firm, and have a high regard for honesty and integrity.