VALENTI offers results. We are a team of thought leaders. As a small group of senior level marketers with a ton of brand-building experience we are “brand stewards”. We think about your brand as opposed to merely executing. We’re strategic, creative, nimble & smart. We’re service-oriented and fun to work with.

Led by principals Mike Valenti, Joy Wingren and Gerry Miller. Each has 20+ years in the big agency business including 15 years each, leading Fortune 500 clients at the Leo Burnett Company, Chicago.  We offer big agency discipline and standards, within an extremely efficient atmosphere.

Michael Valenti | President – Creative Director

Joy Wingren | Strategy and Account Services Director

Gerry Miller | Creative Director 

Big share of voice. Small share of spend.

This is our value proposition. Without high agency overhead, layers, levels and politics, we build brands efficiently and cost effectively. We are consistently on time and on budget.

Joy and Mike are your direct contacts and leads on your business- your eyes, ears, and voice, working with you on all projects, directing other team members that make the most sense for your brand.

We’re everywhere and no where.

With many clients just around the corner in Chicago and some as far away as Shanghai, London and New York we need to be everywhere. Which is why we are – virtually everywhere.

Michael’s studio space is Lindenhurst, IL north of Chicago on the Wisconsin border. A perfect location between Chicago and Milwaukee and out the back door for a bike ride when needed. Joy works from Chicago, as does Gerry Miller, writer, although he is just as likely to be in London. Gerry gets around.

All of our designers, writers, programmers and producers are full time consultants that work with us on an as needed basis. This is a list of trusted professionals we’ve worked with for years and it’s how we can be everywhere and do everything we need to do for our clients.