Think Inside the Box

Yes, dumbwaiters really do still exist. In fact, dumbwaiters offer a unique much-needed labor and cost efficiency to literally every commercial industry. But Matot, a family-owned business for 120+ years suffered from a dated brand identity across all their marketing efforts. Moreover, the target audience had evolved from not only building contractors but also design-savvy architects.


So VALENTI re-created a brand look that brought Matot dumbwaiters into a more contemporary arena, with a sophistication of design to appeal to architects. This, while maintaining the brand superiority of being the best in the business when it comes to durability and quality.

Matot thinks inside the box. They custom design dumbwaiters built to last—longer than any building’s lifespan! It’s clear any industry would benefit from the heavy duty exceptional, lift solutions Matot offers.



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