Madden is in the retail promotional marketing business, making, designing, printing, and shipping promotional materials to retailers around the country. They have clients like Miller Coors and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Starbucks and Marlboro. Maddenis a privately held company run by Sean Madden and has been in business since 1957, located nearChicago’s O’Hare airport.


CHALLENGE: More than just a printer, which is how they started, Madden has become experts in ideating, developing, making and moving promotional materials to thousands of retail outlets across the country in a timely and efficient manner. They do as much work on the front end, thinking through the best way to develop a piece or solve a problem, as they do on the back end producing and shipping.

Our job was to give the company a much needed brand identity facelift. From logo and new brand line to marketing materials and website, a core source of company information. The website was missing links, not SEO compatible and worst of all portrayed the look and feel of an out-dated printer.

GOAL: Create a differentiated yet unified message and look, grounded in a new brand mark and meaningful story that carried through to the web experience. Simplify and better explain the Madden Method: a major point of difference to the competition.

SOLUTION: The Madden website was built to look like a single page site to better capture the idea of moving forward and help create an energetic brand personality. Each page was built to have its own meta titles and information, fully searchable while at the same time having the illusion of one long scrolling horizontal image.

If you’d like to visit the new site:

Since Madden is a “family” business built on great service, it was important to them to showcase the who and what they look like on the site. And, because we wanted to communicate they do a great deal more than printing, it was key to exemplify the front end and back end client offerings. We conducted a two day photo shoot to capture the images used in all the materials. The site has been live since September this year and the reviews have been extremely positive.

Madden is now communicating their point of difference and delivering a compelling brand story on the internet.

If you’d like to visit the new site:

Along with the web work we also created Guidelines for all of Madden’s marketing materials, Power Point templates and Brand collateral.


  • Branding Logo and Web Design
  • Marketing and Sales Materials