Lehmann’s is a bakery in Racine, WI. Privately owned and operated since the 1930’s they’ve been a leader in the making of Danish Kringle, along with a large variety of pastries, cookies and cakes. Lehmann’s Bakery sells primarily to wholesalers like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, making up over 90% of total revenue. The company also supplies product to two retail locations in the Racine, WI area. They have two key bakery competitors in the Wisconsin area with a similar product offering and large online sales business. Moreover, Lehmann’s pricing and quality are superior.

CHALLENGE: Lehmann’s Bakery has lacked the ability to mass market its products and drive online consumer sales while their competition has thrived. Thus they have been missing out on a huge opportunity to sell product direct to consumers through the internet. Since the bakery’s product is shipped frozen it’s perfect for internet sales. But the current website was painfully under developed.

GOAL: Increase sales of direct to consumer kringles and pastries, with a robust site that differentiates vs. the competition, drives appetite appeal, and is user friendly for both the consumer and Lehmann’s personnel.

SOLUTION: Create a robust, user friendly website for consumers to see and purchase Lehmann’s famous Danish Kringle and other products online. Nothing from the existing site was usable; we started from scratch with the development of layout, copy, programming and all new photography.

We also changed the existing url from lehmanns.com to lehmannsbakery.com. We’ve retained the original url and it along with racinedanish.com (high in google search) point to the new site.

Visit the new site: lehmannsbakery.com

Since buying bakery items and pastries online is all about the “appetite appeal” we started with a photo shoot to create our library of delicious images. If it makes you hungry, the shot was good. This was our measuring stick for each photograph.

Once we gathered the images, wrote the Lehmann’s story and product copy we built the site using a popular shopping cart CMS called Big Cartel. This allowed us to take advantage of current consumer purchasing applications such as Pay Pal, with auto-generated responses and an easy to update image and product database. We also included popular social networking links to drive consumers to help spread the word.

The result has just recently launched and we’re tracking sales. Bon Appetit!


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