When we started with IndigoVision as a client they thought they were in the business of security. What they make are cameras, recorders and integrated systems that protect property and lives. These are traditionally sold with product attributes such as speed of recording or pixel resolution.

What we told them is to own the bigger idea, that they were in the “Safety” business.

What we told them was “Safe is a Wonderful Feeling.”

The Creative Vision

IndigoVision is the 21st century “Heroic Bodyguard” committed to protecting their customer and their interests around the globe.

They help customers see their world better, manage their businesses better and sleep better.

Their cameras see in the dark, their integrated software is easy to use and their relentlessly committed support staff will open eyes to the meaning of service.

Insightful to customer needs and far-sighted in meeting them, IndigoVision is driven to remaining the most indispensible and technologically advanced protection possible.

Our Execution

Beyond creating a new brand positioning, Safe is a Wonderful Feeling, for IndigoVision we also restructured and rebuilt their most important marketing tool; their website.

Now as a fully responsive, mobile friendly central hub of information the marketing teams at IndigoVision have a central location to drive prospects to. Using a variety of video and pdf downloads prospects can learn enough about IndigoVision to take the next step of engagement.

Safe may be a wonderful feeling, but having a brand positioning that helps build your business feels pretty good too.


Too Learn More About IndigoVision visit IndigoVision.com


  • Branding New Positioning Idea
  • Web Design Fully Responsive | Mobile