It was in the name.

The Illinois Wine Association touts 139 wineries, more than 400 vineyards and nine wine trails statewide. Yet they lacked awareness and credibility.

VALENTI was tasked with creating a brand identity to address these issues and help put Illinois Wine on the map.  We found the big idea right in front of us- in their name.


IllinoISWine put immediate credibility behind the state’s wine offering. Backed unanimously by the board with unheard of statewide support, it’s an example of how VALENTI created compelling yet simple breakthrough ideas.

To launch the new identity, VALENTI used a very uncommon common man. An efforts that only Illinois can call it’s own- further driving the credibility of the new wine association effort. Abe Lincoln supports the Illinois Wine personality- to deliver an approachable, fun, authentic experience.

Materials include banners, postcards, posters, and t-shirts. So that all Illinois wine lovers can Join the Party and “Unite” for Illinois Wine.


  • Branding Advertising and Event Materials