CuVerro is a solid surface copper alloy that’s bactericidal. CuVerro continuously kills 99% of all bacteria.

We were asked to create a new Brand Mark and Brand Idea to capture the brand benefit and story. Their primary targets are the healthcare category offering virtually any product in that environment that would benefit by being virtually bacteria-free. And consumer products that make sense outside the healthcare arena such as light switches, door handles free weights and grab bars. In particular industries including hospitality,  cruise ships,  fitness and public spaces such as airports comprise audiences we strived to connect with in developing work for CuVerro.

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Following a brand assessment and development of a brand platform, VALENTI developed a brand line and campaign called “Victory for Hands”. The new brand captures the “freedom” CuVerro delivers in allowing people to not be afraid of touching things because CuVerro products are continuously clean.

VALENTI also brought CuVerro a new brand identity with a logo that visually delivers the brand essence, demonstrating the freedom to touch surfaces.

Keep your eyes open for CuVerro and Victory for Hands.

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