Michael Valenti | President – Creative Director

Michael Valenti has been creating images and advertising campaigns as an Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for more than thirty years. From Fortune 500 companies to small wineries in Michigan, his work creates an emotional connection to the brand, strengthening the bond and making the sale.

Compelling story telling, emotional images, smart design; Michael’s work–simply works.

“As a Creative Director in the marketing business I have created advertising and design solutions for clients like Allstate, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and Hallmark. Creating simple, enduring, big ideas that connect with consumers on an emotional level is what I do best.”

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Mike’s client list includes Allstate, McDonald’s, Eli Lilly, Hallmark, Disney, Morgan Stanley, Pillsbury, Kraft, Kellogg’s and Procter & Gamble.  Mike has also worked his magic on smaller clients, including Timberland, Carnival Cruise Lines and the Round Barn Winery.

Mike worked at Robinson and Cabot Advertising, both in Boston, before spending 15 years at the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago.  After co-running the $250 million Allstate account there, he moved to Miami to run the creative department at Cooper & Hayes before setting out on his own.

As a Creative Director with Leo Burnett for 15 years one of Mikes clients was Hallmark cards. Chances are you or someone you know has given you the very best because you’ve seen some of his work.

The ability to find and capture the human emotion and experience on film has been a core competency of Mike’s for years. And is seen in much of his other work.

Mike spent five years working on the Allstate business at Leo Burnett where he was creative director for the “The right hands make all the difference” campaign. Along with the “Take a Stand” campaign with actor Dennis Haysbert. The campaign is still running after several years.

Cycling Art


“I have been riding bicycles since childhood and drawing pictures just as long. Growing up near Boston, my father worked as a commercial illustrator so art has always been in my life. And cycling has been a passion for more than thirty years. So because of that I have taken to creating Cycling Art Posters and Prints. You can see this work at michaelvalenti.com

If you’re ever north of Chicago and looking for a group to ride with, check out my Cycling Club Veloist, and let’s go for a ride.”