With so many clients in so many categories over my career, it’s difficult to showcase all the experiences I’ve had. On this page I’ve placed some of my favorite print ads from the years before I was VALENTI Advertising.

Allstate “The Right Hands Make All the Difference” print campaign.

This print campaign used the hands of famous people to demonstrate how the right hands (Allstate) make a difference in results. Here we used five members of the 1980 Men’s US Olympic Hockey team. Below Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Others included speed skater Bonnie Blair and Vice Admiral Tony Less, USAF Blue Angels. And yes, we used the real people.



┬áProzac “Welcome Back” print campaign.

This print campaign for Prozac was one of the very first DTC pharma ads in the market. Consumer response to the work, there were nine executions in all, was so overwhelmingly positive that doctors asked for it to be pulled. Not bad for a simple “before and after” idea.

sun cloud copy

tree copy

Encompass Insurance “Liberty, Justice and Really Good Insurance” print campaign.

Independent Insurance company Encompass, owned by Allstate, needed a campaign that tipped it’s hat to the “freedom” of buying insurance from an independent dealer. At the same time the work needed to stand out in a very cluttered environment for a very modest budget. The result produced by this campaign increased new policies and strengthened the bond between Encompass and parent Allstate.