The Gran Fondo Experienza!

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For those of you not familiar with a Gran Fondo, it’s a bike ride. But not just any bike ride – it’s a really big bike ride with lots of people, lots of food and usually in a nice place. Like Italy, where they all began.

But this Gran Fondo Experienza isn’t in Italy, it’s here in the US – in cities like Miami, LA and Seattle – nine in all. Where thousands of riders from pro’s to beginners will race, ride and have fun on a variety of challenging routes.

GFX Logo

VALENTI was asked to create a brand look and logo mark for The Gran Fondo Experienza because, well because we love cycling and it’s a great fit for the design and brand work we do.

GFX Brand jersey

The resulting creative design uses two chain links to create the “X” in Experienza. The link icon will also find it’s way onto jerseys, bags and a variety of merchandise that will be sold at the nine Gran Fondo’s across the country this summer, as well as online.

GFX Brand Digital

The design elements will be used as the center of the look and feel for the website, where riders will sign up and learn more about the events in their city.

All nine host cities will have their own dedicated Gran Fondo Experienza Cycling Poster created by Michael Valenti that will also be sold online and at the events.

GFX poster