Connecting Face to Face

Valenti Cycling Art at Interbike

IB-Bike Talk0627Interbike 2014 is the largest, most visible trade show in the US for companies in the cycling industry worldwide. It’s held each year in Las Vegas and this was VALENTI’S second year creating work for the event. This year’s theme was “Real. Human. Interaction.” An idea VALENTI is very well connected to because of their emotional based and very human creative thinking.

“Last year’s “Elvis” art was such a great success we knew working with VALENTI is what we wanted to do this year. Creating promotional work with a “human connection” is what VALENTI does best.”– Say’s Sarah Timleck, Interbike Event Director.

The problem we faced was how do you showcase the fact that a very diverse group of cyclists come together to exchange ideas and information at Interbike- and create work that emotionally connects to, and reflects this vast range of targets.

In our ideation we found the solution was simple; they talk to each other face to face at Interbike. This huge trade show offers the chance to meet with peers in person from around the world and build lasting personal relationships.

The image created by Michael Valenti will find its way on to many marketing elements including the Event Guide, Posters, Banners, and T-shirts.   VALENTI has a knack for creating work that “connects” with audiences at trade shows, conferences, and events. Whether it’s Advertising, Promotions or Digital; finding a way to make your brand stand out and raise your voice is what VALENTI does for every client.

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IB-Bike Talk_Tshirt0627